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Challenge your weather prediction skills on this introductory weather trading simulation.

Presented in partnership with AccuWeather, Forecaster Challenge let’s you learn how the weather prediction market works – absolutely free.

It’s a unique opportunity to practice trading the weather with zero risk, and no obligation.

TradeWX - Rainfall

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CX Markets


The Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX) is one of the largest and fastest-paced markets in the world. CX offers 6 different currency pairs as well as USD/XAU with expiries ranging from 5min to the EOD. provides a wealth of background information to help you get trading fast.


Weather Market: Rainfall

Even non-catastrophic weather can have a huge impact on businesses. It affects customer behavior, operations, logistics and of course the bottom line. Weather is one of the top 3 topics S&P 500 companies talk about on earnings calls. CX is providing weather contracts that offer limited risk and fixed payouts to help you reduce your exposure to rainfall across 55 locations in the USA.


Weather Market: Landfalls

Each year, millions of people and businesses feel the financial impact of Tropical Storms making landfall along the eastern coast of the USA. Through the digital weather contracts offered by CX, it is now possible to reduce your exposure to these financial impacts by taking a position on the location of landfalls along the eastern coast of the USA.


Bitcoin Swaps

The largest cryptocurrency is moving more mainstream as the markets for bitcoin have been heating up. CX is providing Bitcoin Swaps contracts that are the first range-forward contracts available for bitcoin trading. Instead of buying bitcoin directly, use our bitcoin contracts to hedge or speculate on the rapid movement in the bitcoin market.

About Us

CX is a CFTC approved designated contract market providing an expanding set of products covering FOREX, Tropical Storms, and inclement weather. We establish the rules of fair trading, offer modern, electronic trading platforms to match buyers & sellers, and supervise the trading practices of all participants in the market. Legal, Regulatory, Contract, and more information is available on the link below.